Ferrous Foundry

JODOVIT produces some products that allows the achievement of qualitative levels and productive efficiency.

  • Reduction of the refining's costs, reduction of feeders and sanity of casts can be obtained by using exothermic feeders or insulating vacuum shapes, produced with ecologic fibres. A vast range of geometric forms is available for every need.
  • Feeders with a fast lighting, highly exothermic, with a limited volume of feeding and impervious to the high pressures.
  • JODOVIT produces cover insulating and exothermic powders that prevent an excessive retreat of the metal in the feeders with an excellent espandibility and absence of fume.
  • The use of refractory coatings based of alcool or water and suitable for every type of application, assures the elimination of surface's lacks of casts, reducing times and costs of refyining.
  • Cored pastes, release agents for models and other auxiliar articles complete the range of the products destinated to the foundrie.
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Ferrous Foundry

Non Ferrous Foundry

Jodovit's activities are oriented to the continuous development of products and services to increase the quality and efficiency of productive processes for alluminium foundry. The close collaboration with our customers and an efficient technical assistance on the main markets characterize our company from than 50 years.

The result of these experiences guarantees:

  • high technical efficiency of products
  • optimization cost-benefit
  • specific assistance for areas of competence
  • presence on new markets
  • development of products and specific solutions
  • assistance after sales
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Non Ferrous Foundry

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